Why It’s Important to Keep Seeing your Therapist During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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February 6, 2020
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Everyday life is rapidly changing for all of us during this pandemic. Uncertainty is looming around every corner. On top of all the stressors and issues that originally brought you to therapy, there are new stressors and fears being added as a result of this pandemic. In addition to now having practice social distancing, employers are temporarily closing their doors - adding to financial stress; much-needed supplies aren't available for purchase, and of course the fear of our well-being and the ones we love.

Coping with all these added stressors can be overwhelming and can contribute to depression, anxiety, and thoughts of harm to yourself or others. Left untreated these symptoms can worsen. For all of these reasons, it important to continue seeing your therapist!
Therapy can help

Therapy can offer a safe, non-judgmental space for sharing your fears, concerns and worries during these uncertain times. Therapy can also provide social interaction, as well as identify coping skills and strategies to reduce your emotional distress. Now more than ever it is important to continue to care for your mental health.

Teletherapy is an option

While Clarity Clinic NWI is still open for in-office sessions and adhering to social distancing guidelines, we recognize that in-office appointments may not be an option for you. Teletherapy is a great option, in that it allows for you to continue seeing your therapist from the comfort and safety of your home.

Teletherapy (also known as telemedicine) is the use of technology such as computers and mobile devices to provide psychiatric and mental health services without the need to come into the office.

Clarity Clinic offers teletherapy through HIPAA-compliant software that is easy to use for clients and a great way to continue your therapy treatment and goals.

For more information on Clarity Clinic Teletherapy, visit our website at https://claritynwi.com/telehealth/ or to schedule an appointment contact our office at 219-595-0043.

Kristine Cornett, NCC, LMHCA
Mental Health Therapist

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