Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Clarity Clinic NWI is pleased to offer corporate wellness services through our “Inner Workings” Corporate Wellness Program.    

Why Corporate Wellness?

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of company wellness programs not only for the overall well-being of the employees but wellness programs have been shown to be a great investment for the employer, in the form of improved productivity, reduction in absenteeism and a reduction in health care costs.  

In a recent study published by, companies who invest in corporate wellness programs found that for every dollar spent on these programs, companies saw an average decrease of $3.27 in health care costs and $2.73 decrease in absenteeism costs.  

While many corporate wellness programs focus on the physical health of an employee (i.e. exercise, nutrition), Inner Workings focuses on the mind/body connection and how mental health issues can contribute to workplace struggles.  

Our Programs

Our corporate wellness therapists specialize in specific topics and customize presentations and training to meet the needs of your employees.     We offer a number of corporate wellness program to improve the mind/body connection.


Mindfulness has become a buzz word in recent years as helpful in reducing anxiety and depression and improving overall well being.  The concept of Mindfulness can be confusing, but it essentially means awareness -- awareness of your emotions, negative thought patterns or behaviors.    Decades worth of research has shown that by participating in an 8-week Mindfulness program, you can change the neuroplasticity of the brain to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, increase focus and concentration and change negative “reactions” into more productive “ responses.”

Improv Workshops

What do you think of when you hear the word improv? While your favorite Saturday Night Live character or the days of Whose Line is It Anyway may come to mind, learning basic improv techniques is also an effective way to increase the cohesion and effectiveness of any team.

Comedians definitely use improv to make people laugh, but improv itself is much more than comedy. The art of improvisation is others-focused. This concept means that the foundation of improv relies on supporting other people so that the team as a whole can be successful. (And reassure your coworkers - Building Teams that Work is not a comedy class and they are not expected to be funny! It is a team-building experience that focuses on fun, productive group work.)

Depression and Suicide Prevention

The stigma associated with depressive symptoms can prevent those from seeking to help and finding treatment options.   Depressive symptoms can affect workplace productivity and can contribute to absenteeism, as well as physical symptoms and struggles that can affect job performance.   Left untreated, depression can also lead to suicidal ideation. Clarity Clinic NWI offers presentation and training on identifying and treating depression and recognizing the signs of suicide.