Community Services

Community Services

Clarity Clinic NWI offers a variety of community service programs to help with mental health concerns or crises.  Our mental health community services include:

Grief and Loss Counseling in Schools and Corporations -  Whether it’s the death of a colleague by suicide, an accident or unexpected death, the sudden loss of a classmate or coworker can have an effect on a large group of people in your organization or school.  Clarity Clinic NWI offers grief and loss counseling, as well as trauma services to help students and colleagues deal with death and process emotions and feelings.

Our therapists can be onsite quickly to provide a safe and compassionate space for students and colleagues to:

  • Understand the different stages of grief
  • Identify supportive measures to help process the loss
  • Identify ways for a person to cope with death
  • Discuss how the organization as a whole can provide support for the community after a death, as well as helping implement a grief support group.
  • Respect different cultural beliefs toward loss and grief
  • Provide referrals for outside mental health services if needed

Public Speaking Opportunities

Clarity Clinic NWI offers presentations about a variety of mental health issues as a community service initiative, including:

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Signs and Symptoms of Depression
  • Mindfulness to Reduce Anxiety and Depression
  • Substance Abuse - What to Know

Clarity Clinic NWI has recently partnered with several local organizations to provide such services including:

    The NWI Times employees Suicide Prevention Presentation

    The North Township Trustee’s Office “13 Reasons Why Not” Symposium

    Wilbur Wright Middle School PTO - Teenage Depression Signs and Symptoms Presentation