Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Short-Term Disability (STD)

FMLA Medical Certification is at the discretion of the Clarity NWI provider For therapy sessions, clients must be an active and consistent client, who has been participating in weekly sessions for at least a month. For psychiatric services, the clients must be seen regularly once per month for 6 months. There is a $50 charge for completion of FMLA documentation Documentation will be completed on average 30 days after approved by the provider For clients/ patients who were granted FMLA/STD initially by their general practitioner or other outside providers must return to their general practitioner or that provider who originated the forms for completion; Clarit providers cannot complete forms started by other providers.

Conduct Policy

Clients who are physically aggressive or verbally abusive to any staff member - provider or administrative staff - will be terminated and referred to another provider in the region.

Cancellations/No-Show Policy

Clarity Clinic will charge a late cancel/no-show fee - $50 for therapy and $100 for psychiatry (not reimbursed by insurance) if an appointment is missed or canceled with less than 24-hours notice to give providers ample time to fill the missed time slot with another client.

Providers reserve the right to waive the cancellation fee based on client circumstance. Repeat cancellations/no-shows will be discussed with an individual client and may lead to therapy termination or referral to another provider.

Emotional Support Animal Documentation (ESA)

Clarity Clinic recognizes the benefits animals can have on improving and supporting mental health, however due to liability concerns, Clarity Clinic providers cannot provide ESA documentation at this time. Clarity providers can provide ESA specialist resources who may be able to help with more in-depth assessment and documentation.