The Clarity Experience

The Clarity Experience

Making the decision to start therapy is brave and courageous but, understandably, you may have questions about what to expect as you begin the therapy journey. At Clarity Clinic NWI, we strive to make the initial process as seamless and easy as possible.

Initial Appointments

We offer online and phone booking options. Our link to our service providers can provide an overview of our clinicians’ specialization and experience so you can decide who may be the best fit. Each therapist has an option for you to book online, where you can see their schedule and availability. If you would like to talk to one of our front office staff to gain better insight into the best fit, you can call 219-595-0043 with any additional questions.


Our experienced billing specialists then review your insurance benefits and provide an initial overview of mental health coverage and provide you with anticipated out-of-pocket costs such as co-pays and co-insurance or limits to number of visits. WE ENCOURAGE ALL CLIENTS TO RECONFIRM DIRECTLY WITH THEIR INSURANCE ON MENTAL HEALTH COVERAGE AS WELL.

For insurance verification purposes, please contact our office two days prior to appointment to ensure our registration has all proper insurance and subscriber information.

In-Take Documents

Once coverage has been confirmed, our staff will send, via email, in-take documents for completion prior to your first visit. We ask that you bring these documents to the initial session. While the documents are comprehensive, they provide important and relevant details, such as background information, medical history, current mood and thought-process functioning, as well as any additional symptoms or struggles that will be helpful in strengthening the therapeutic relationship and identifying treatment goals. All information on in-take is needed to substantiate your medical insurance claim.

First Session

Our therapists strive to make each session a safe and empathetic environment, free of judgement, and this is particularly true of the initial session. During the first session, the therapist will review the intake documents with you to gain a better understanding of current and past struggles, as well as insight into your goals and expectations of therapy. The therapist will provide an overview of confidentiality and consent. The initial session will last approximately 50 minutes. Treatment will be individualized based on a client’s needs, however, most therapists encourage weekly sessions at least for the first 4-6 weeks to assess symptoms and identify triggers, barriers or contributing factors affecting your mental health, as well as cultivation of coping skills or processing therapies to help reduce symptoms and distress.

Subsequent Sessions

Based on your treatment goals, you and your therapist will decide on next steps for symptom improvement and suggestions for future sessions. Future appointments can be made at the end of the session directly with your therapist or online via the booking link.

Insurance Processing

After the session, the therapist will complete session notes and our billing specialists will then submit to the client’s insurance carrier for processing. Your insurance company will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that details coverage for the session. After insurance is processed, Clarity Clinic will provide information on any outstanding balances owed. You will have the ability to pay via our patient portal on our website or in person at your next visit.

Cancellation Policy

To ensure all of our clients have access to quality, timely mental health care, Clarity NWI has a 24-hour cancellation policy to allow for other clients to make last-minute appointments if a therapists’ schedule opens up. Those who do not cancel within 24-hours may be subject to a $50 cancellation fee for therapy appointments and $100 cancellation for psychiatrist appointments, which is up to the clinicians’ discretion. We take into account extenuating circumstances when a cancellation fee is imposed. However, if a client is a no-show or cancels under 24-hours more than 3 times, therapists have the right to refer a client to another therapist.